Mount Bromo is an active volcano with an altitude 2,329 masl , located in East Java – Indonesia is well known to foreign countries, so it is not surprising that many foreign tourists hunt for the beauty of Bromo from various sides. To reach mount Bromo , you can fly to Juanda International Airport in Surabaya, there are direct flights to Surabaya from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hongkong, Jakarta and Bali. From there continue your journey to Mount Bromo by booking private Transport by booking with me…Lol , or driving from Surabaya – Pasuruan – Sukapura – Mount Bromo route. It is the best you leave to Surabaya at 23.00 PM – 24.00 PM. Or you can stay overnight at one of the hotels at Cemoro Lawang Village ( The Nearest Village to Mount Bromo ) or Probolinggo city to make sure that you are on the Crater RIM before Sunrise. Ponies can take you across The Sea of sand to the bottom of the steps stairs that leads to the crater. Bromo tourist attractions consist of the natural beauty of the mountains. You can see green hills with Savannah grass or surround the sea of sand to enjoy Sunrise or Sunset and also hunt for the milky way at night.
Here I summarize from various sources about the beauty of tourist spots on Mount Bromo that you should be visit.

1. Kingkong hills view Point Sunrise.
Is one of the best places to see the sunrise at Mount Bromo. From this place we can also see the beauty and splendor of 5 mountains in one eye, namely Mount Semeru which is the highest mountain on the island of Java with an altitude of 3.676 Masl, Mount Bromo (2.329 Masl) , Mount Batok (2.440 Masl), Gunung Kursi ( 2.581 Masl ) and Gunung Widodaren (2.614 Masl). So it is very beautiful if it is used as a photo background in Bromo which looks like a painting.

2. Widodaren Valley
In this place we will be presented with a view of the Gunung Widodaren  which is so beautiful that it is good as a photoshoot spot with a Jeep

3. Bromo Crater
We can see firsthand the beauty of Bromo’s active crater which is so enchanting. To reach it, we have to walk about 1,5 KM from the Jeep parking area, or we can rent a horse if you want to feel the sensation of riding horses in the Bromo sand sea. After that we will be presented with hundreds of stairs that we have to go through to reach the peak of Bromo.

4. Whispering Sand
Before the trip to Savannah Bromo, we will be greeted with a wide expanse of sand, which is good for photo spots too.

5. Savannah Bromo
Savannah Bromo meadow is a place on the south side of Mount Bromo. Located in a green valley surrounded by towering cliffs. This Savannah meadow will surprise us because the path to Bromo Savannah is an arid sea of sand, but when entering this meadow you will be presented with beautiful views surrounded by hills that add to the beauty of this tourist spot.

6. Teletubbies Hills
Mount Teletubbies Bromo is one of the favorite places for many tourists. The hill is filled with very beautiful green grass, even the grass here is very beautiful so it looks neat

7. Sunset at Bromo
Actually this is not the main tourist spot when we are on vacation in Bromo. But we can enjoy the beauty of Sunset on the mountain which adds to the complete package of your tour to Bromo. The best time to enjoy Sunset at Bromo is from July to December.

8. Milky Way
The advantage of Mount Bromo is that there is not too much light pollution in this place because this place is still natural, so many photographers are hunting for the Milky way. Moments of Milky Wat can be seen clearly in May to October.